Invitation to the Ashtabandana Maha Samprokshana Kumbhabhisheka Mahotsavam


Holy consecration of Nootana Grabha Gruha Vimanas of Sri Padamavathy Thayar sameta Tirupati Sri Venkatachalapati
Perumal, Sri Padmavathy Thayaar, Sri Andal & Nootana Parivara Moortis and Utsava Moortis.

Dear Blessed Devotees, The Ashtabandana Maha Samprokshana Kumbhabhishekam of Nootana Grabha Gruha Vimanas of Sri Padamavathy Thayar sameta Tirupati Sn Venkatachalapati Perumal, Sri Padmavathy Thayaar, Sa Andal & Nootana Parivara Moortis and Utsava Moortis is scheduled to be held at the holy abode of Universal Jeevan Mukthi Centre, Mukthi Nilayam with the blessings of Bhagavan Sn Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba, under supervision and divine of directions of Bhagavan’s Prema Pravaha Swaroopini & divine mother of Mukthi Nilyam Sri Vasantha Sai Amma on Friday, the 26th April, 2024 between 9.00 AM and 10.15 A.M. (Tamil Krodhi Year, Chitra Month, Krishnapaksha Triteeya, Anusha Nakshtra, Sidha Yoga, Mithuna Lagnam). Preliminery rituas will commence on Wednesday, 24th April, 2024 at 8.00A.M. The sacred rituals will be presided over by the chief disciple of divine mother, Founder and honorary Managing Trustee of the Sri Vasanthasai Foundations Kala Sri K.S. Venkatraman Sai and his spouse Kala Smt. Jothimani Venkatraman Sai and will be graced by Heads of religions Mutts, Vedic Scholars, Tapasvis, distinguished saints, monks, realised souls besides others. All spiritual aspirants / practio ners, sadhakas, revered devotees, village folks are humbly requested to participate in large numbers in this auspicious celebration and earn the grace and blessings of the divine Lord, goddesses and the parivara devatas.

Yours ever in divine service, Honorary Trustees, Sri Vasanthasai Foundations (Regd. No.238/2012)

Satya Yuga Srishti Temple, Mukthi Nilayam Cosmic Energy Creation Centre – Holy Abode of Spiritual world.

Temples are the places that create the awareness of the purpose of our birth and the goal of life that one has to attain. They are the holy abodes that elevate us spiritually, bestow purity of the conscience and lead us to salvation through path of bakthi.
The designs of temples, their method of worship have been established by the various sages & saints and sometime by the god incarnate themselves. Temples were created for the proliferation of the bhakti culture and for spiritual aspirants to reach purity of
The glory of every temple is amazing and their historical significance and archeological values are beyond description.
With the purpose of realising that the atom and the universe are permeated by the same cosmic energy and that every individual soul must blissfully merge with that divine life force; to perceive through devotion what is beyond human comprehension, with the kind blessings of the divine incarnation of the primal soul Lord Mahavishnu, Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba along and his divine consort & reincarnation of Mahalakshmi Divine Mother Sri Vasantha Sai, the Nootana Sathya Yuga Srishti Temple has been built as per the treatise contained in the sacred nadi texts of Pralayadeeta Sri Kakabhujandar Maharishi.
One Chaturyuga (Cycle of 4 Yugas) consists of Kruta Yuga (Satya Yuga), Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. We are living in the times when there is gradual erosion of Righteousness in every successive Yuga. People of the present world, however, would prefer to live in the environment prevailing in the Satya Yuga. The exemplary qualities of Satya Yuga are that people will adhere to Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence and live a blissful life. Their routines will be meditation, austerity and contemplation on spiritual wisdom.

This will enable them to secure clarity and stability of mind. People of that Yuga would have sacrificed material desires, will observe camaraderie and be bereft of differences of caste, creed, affluence or poverty. Those who govern will be just and fair. There will be no hunger, starvation or draught. The five elements of nature will function in harmony. People of the world will live in bliss with joy, peace and happiness. Everyone in all the 14 worlds will be in the state of Jeevan Mukthi.
On the earth not only humans but also animals, birds, reptiles, aquatics, amphibians, inanimate things, all will be free from negative traits. Even the inhabitants of the world of spirits would secure liberation. Only the Creator has the power to alter a Yuga in whole or part. In Mikthi Nilayam, the Primal Soul and His dynamic consciousness (Spanda Shakti) are showering their Grace in abundance at the subtle level.
Consequently the cosmic energy is surging and over-lowing in Mukthi Nilayam. The world of “Satya Yuga within Kali Yuga” envisioned by the revolutionary poet late Sri Subrahmanya Bharati is seen manifesting here in reality. This transformation will last for a 1000 years. The main goal of Mukthi Nilayam is to usher in the Satya Yuga for a brief duration during the currency of the present Kali Yuga.
With the above noble goal as the focus, the Mukthi Stupi, the Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam and Satya Yuga Srishti Temple complex have been constructed in Mukthi Nilayam. In the Srishti Temple complex nearly 108 odd temples have been constructed where more than 600 Gods/goddess/demi gods, goddesses/sages and saints are bestowing their grace.

At the end of the cycle of 4 Yugas, everything will be consumed by Pralaya and the Lord along with Spanda Shakti will commence the creation anew in the same chronological order viz. the appearance of the Satya Stambha followed by Omkaram (Nadabrahman), the five elements; nine planets; nine zodiac lords; 27 stars; the Trinity and their consorts; Lord Indra – Indrani; the 33 crores of celestial beings; Yama, the lord of death; saints and sages; Naga devata and other creations including humans. Keeping this in view the temples in Mukthi Nilayam have been constructed accordingly.
Temples have been constructed in a unique manner. All the lords of the 7 upper worlds and those in the 7 below earth including the world of nagas have been installed in these temples. This place is open for followers of all forms of religion and sects. The Satya Yuga Srishti Temple has by coincidence, fallen in accordance with the 6 modes of worship established by Shri Adi Shankara namely, (1) Ganapathyam (Ganesha), (2) Kaumaram (Subrahmanya) (3) Souram (Sun God) (4) Shaivam (Shiva) (5) Vaishnavam (Visnu) and (6) Saaktam (Shakti form)
Another speciality of the Satya Yuga Srishti Temple is the existence of all gods and goddesses in same temple complex. Along with the temples, there are Meditation Halls, Bhajan Halls, Namasankirtana Hall, Rasaleela Mandapam, Veda Parayana Hall, Yagna Shala, Kolu Mandapam, Goshala, Madappalli (Temple Kitchen), Annadhanam Hall etc.

Among the temples constructed here is the unique and new temple known as “Navaraja Mandalam” that has the base and roof in the form of lotus in blossom. This is a concentric circular temple under one dome accommodating at the centre Shri Kaladeeshwara and surrounded by the lords of 9 planets, 12 Zodiac Lords, Lords of 27 stars in successive circular forms. Each deity has a dedicated temple and nearby there also exist the Lords of the 27 stars accompanied by the Trees/plants to the relevant stars. Thus this is a rare, unique, powerful and matchless temple that does not exist anywhere else in the world. The Holy consecration for the present temple for Tirupati Sri Venkatachalapathy and other deities is scheduled to be performed on Friday, the 26th April, 2024 between 9.00 AM and 10.15 A.M. (Tamil Krodhi Year, Chitra Month, Krishnapaksha Triteeya, Anusha Nakshtra, Sidha Yoga, Mithuna Lagnam). Preliminery rituas will commence on Wednesday, 24th April, 2024 at 8.00A.M.
Thus any worship at this temple complex will bestow immediate favourable results and solution to prayers. By worshipping the lords of nine planets here one will be relieved of negative thoughts and get positive thoughts reinforced; enmity will cease; there will be advancement in material life, wealth, health etc. There will be overall improvement from incurable disease, increase in level of self- confidence, improvement in mental and physical condition, development in courage, education and intellect. Worship of the planets/stars will help control their negative influence in life.

All the deities installed in the Satya Yuga Srishti Temple (the gods and goddesses, stars, zodiac lords, planets, sages & saints and other demi-gods/goddesses)
will bestow only positive results. They will help us discard our negative traits and also improve upon our positive traits. They will assist us realize the true purpose of our birth and existence on this earth and draw us towards the yearning to realize the ultimate Truth of life. The installation of these deities have been done in a phased manner in the last few years by performing the sacred consecration ceremonies periodically for the different deities from time to time.
In the present Kumbhabhishekam ceremony, it is proposed to install Moola Vigrahas of deities Sri Padmavathy sameta Tirupati Sri Venkatachalapathy, Sri Padmavathy Thaayaar, Sri Andal as along with the Utsva Moortis of Sri Srinivasa, Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Malaiyappa Swami, Sri Padmavathy, Sri Sita-Lakshmana sahita Sri Rama, Navaneeta Krishna sameta Sri Andal.

Prominent deities bestowing grace at this temple
Divine incarnations of Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Sri Rama, Sri Panduranga,Sri Ranganatha, Sri Radha-Krishna, Ashtadashabhuja Adi Mahalakshmi, Ashtadashabhuja Durga, Sri Gnanambika, Sri Annapoorani, Sri Kamakshi, Sri Meenakthi, Kashi Sri Visalakshni, Sri Rajarajeswari, Sri Sharadambal, Sri Bhuvaneshwari, Sri Santoshi Mata, Sri Chakrapoorna Mahameru, Ashta Laksmis, Sri Pratyangiradevi, Sri Bhagavathy Amman, Sri Anjali Hanuman, Sri Sarabeshwara, Sri Indra-Indrani, Sri Kubera-Chitrakala, Sri Yamadharmaraja, Sri Chitragupta, 108 Nagadevatas, Sapatha rishis and sages with consorts, 18 sidddhas, 12 Jyothir Lingas, representatives of the celestial world namely, Ashta Vasus, 12 Adityas, 11 Rudras, Village deity Kruppanasamy etc. There are abodes for religious founders like Jesus, Gautama Buddha etc. as also for the saints, emancipated realized souls of the bhakti cult, demi-gods worshiped by various sub sects.

For further details contact:
Kala Sri K.S. Venkatraman Sei,
Principal Disciple of Divine Mother Sri Vasantha Sai, bestowed with Atma Sanyas by Her and also the honorary Managing Trustee,
Sri Vasanthasai Foundations Cell No.94430 32619 and Kala Smt. Jothimani Venkatraman Sai, Madurai Office: 98432 42619, 98944 12053, 97987 61855 E-Mail,

Kumbhabisheka Sarva Sadhakar, U.Ve.R.Vijayaraghava Bhattachariyar (Chief Priest) Sri Prasanna Venkatesaperumal Temple, South Krishnan Temple St., Madurai

Stapathi: Sri M. Palanisamy Stapathi, Chief Disciple of Sirpaguru late Dr V. Ganapathi Sthapathi, Vaastu Veda Research Centre, Chennai – 14

Er (Somangili) Sri S.V. Kubendran Avargal, B.E., Electrical Consultant, Madurai

Kumbhakonam Alankara Chakravarty, Thiruvenkatarkadiyaan
Sri U Ve Mohanram Bhattar Swamigal, Kumbhabhisheka Nirvaka Sadhakar

Er.(Thakku) Sri T.S.Janarthanan Avargal, M.E., Face (1), MICI, Regd Professional Engineer (Structural), Madurai.

Chief Patrons: Shri Satya Poddar & Smt.Shakuntala Poddar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Mr Norberto Priu-Ana Maria Priu, Miami, Florida, USA

Annadhanam: On 26.4.2024 from 10.30 A.M. to 3.30 P.M.


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